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Help us make Yoga Accessible

sessions meant for "sewa"

As we all know, the knowledge of Yoga in ancient time was widespread on the basis of donations because we believed that knowledge is priceless, but it should be reachable to all as it accounts for your Karma, and it's one Dharma (duty) to offer service to the mankind.

We at practice all aspects of yoga, and it's sub parts. Where considering  Karma Yoga as a key, we offer  weekly contribution based Yoga Events & sessions.


All of our every practice videos are out on YouTube & different social platforms to make our practice accessible to everyone.

If you have already practised with us or have seen us on YouTube.

We would like to ask you to contribute and help us support making yoga accessible, so that we keep sharing this knowledge with everyone and take one step towards healing. 

These sessions are designed for all age groups and can be done without props. All you need is a yoga mat, laptop, good internet and YOURSELF.

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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