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Yoga Kriya - Jala Neti

ils with saline water using Neti Pot

Jala neeti or Neti Kriya is a kriya performed for cleansing of nostrils with warm saline water which helps to improve your #immunity.

How to do Jala Neeti?🤷‍♀️

Things you need- pot to boil water, rock salt

  • ✔ Boil 500 ml water & add half tb spoon salt.

  • ✔ Let it turn luke warm.

  • ✔ Pour it into neti pot

  • ✔ Put nozzle into one nostril & tilt your head while breathing through mouth

  • ✔ Try on the other side.

⭕️How it helps?

• It effectively removes dirt and mucus from the nasal passages.

• An yogic technique to keep your respiratory system strong.

• Eases breathing for Asthma and Bronchitis patients.

• Helps with Sinuses and Migraine.

• Clears eye ducts

• Low Maintenance

• Can be done any time.


  • Water should be luke warm and saline.

  • Nose should be dried properly post #kriya

  • Make sure to moisturise your nostrils with olive oil or any suitable oil available with the help of cotton swab or finger.

  • If one feels dizzy while drying the nose, then it should be done standing upright.

  • Do not drink water upto 30 minutes.

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